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Why Invest In Global REIT?

Secured Yearly Returns

Global REIT investors are secured a 8% yearly return paid out quarterly in USDT, enjoying a risk-adjusted passive income.


Global REIT investments are asset-backed, generating steady income through a well vetted portfolio of assets. The Real Estate backed stable coin investor is holding its share of a tangible assets with a real value.


Global REIT investors have more liquidity. In other words, they can quickly and easily convert their investment into cash.


Global REIT offers a diversity of classes of real estate in diverse locations. This ensures a stable cash flow for investors who don't solely depend on one type of property investment in one location.


Global REIT enables you to invest in real estate projects inline with Shariah principles. The company follows solely and procedures consistent with principles of Islamic law.


As a blockchain-based platform, Global REIT refines the way people market, search for, buy, sell and invest in properties. Furthermore, it ensures full transparency and reduces costs.


Current market news & updates

The ongoing pandemic impacted many sectors, including real estate. Savvy investors saw the pandemic as an opportunity to secure properties at lower cost. Offering one of the highest returns globally. Dubai real estate market stabilized fairly quickly, with an expecting to fully recover during the upcoming EXPO 2020. The UAE is aiming to be the first country in the world to recover from COVID-19-induced crisis. The UAE is the Middle Eastern hub and global leader for technology, innovation, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, AI, amongst other, with for example ADGM and DIFC financial centre growing at lightning speed, this dream is not far-fetched.

With the surge in touchless technologies due to the pandemic, people came to realisation that digital is tangible and feasible. Digital currency has become a real currency. Blockchain became an important decentralized innovation ensuring privacy, security and safety. 

The world is turning to new, advanced technologies, seamless and safe investments. Combining the traditional REIT module – as a safe investment with the latest modern technologies – including true privacy, decentralization, digitalization, Global REIT offers a great investment platform.

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