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Behind Global REIT there’s a team of experienced real estate, financial, digital and marketing experts set to ensure the best investment and optimal returns
Ali Tumbi

Ali Tumbi


With a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and over 15 years of real estate experience, Ali is a dynamic entrepreneur and an established figure in the Middle East. His ability to understand complex situations quickly and determine the best way forward will be crucial for guiding Global REIT and its team to success.

Tatiana Boustany


Tatiana possesses solid know-how in Real Estate Marketing, Tatiana is passionate about developing & building brand presence, emphasising exposure, engagement & customer-loyalty. Tatiana is responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s marketing objectives by planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating marketing plans with an aim to improve marketability and profitability through researching to identify & capitalize on market opportunities within the UAE market. Her core strengths include leveraging both online & offline marketing to increase sales and boost conversion rates, lead optimization, enhance market positioning, and continuously improve communication by conducting thorough research and market analysis.


Muhammad Waseem


Waseem is a highly experienced senior developer with a strong command of a wide range of programming languages and tools, and a keen follower of high technology trends in blockchain, web applications and online marketing. A Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science, Waseem brings a multitude of technical skills and knowledge to Global REIT.

Julie Ann Advincula


Detail-oriented, efficient and organized, Julie comes with over 14 years of progressive accounting experience from varied sectors. Julie will ensure the financials of Global REIT stay optimal by means of period financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets for mitigating risk for Global REIT.

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