Global REIT


Global REIT aims to be the 1st stablecoin in the Middle East – a fully asset-backed cryptocurrency. While the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, asset-backed stablecoins give the investors stability and a steady monthly income. The investors enjoy all the benefits of a traditional REIT plus the advantages of investing in a tangible Real Estate through a token on the blockchain. Besides this, investors have the chance to invest in the stable token without facing the uncertainty of market changes and high volatility. Their Stable token is backed by a top of the line well-vetted tangible assets.

What is Global REIT?

Global REIT is the first-ever Blockchain-Based Sharia-Compliant REIT launched in the market. It started with a Net Asset Value (NAV) of USD 75 million and will reach USD 2 billion within a period of 3 years. The investments are further diversified, first being a prime leisure hospitality real estate building on the iconic Palm Jumeriah in Dubai, and the second one focusing on pre-leased commercial retail real estate.

Why Invest In Global REIT?

Secured Yearly Returns

Global REIT investors are secured a 9% yearly return paid out quarterly in USDT, enjoying a risk-adjusted passive income.


Global REIT investments are asset-backed, generating steady income through a well vetted portfolio of assets. The Real Estate backed stable coin investor is holding its share of a tangible assets with a real value.


Global REIT investors have more liquidity. In other words, they can quickly and easily convert their investment into cash.


Global REIT offers a diversity of classes of real estate in diverse locations. This ensures a stable cash flow for investors who don't solely depend on one type of property investment in one location.


Global REIT enables you to invest in real estate projects inline with Shariah principles. The company follows solely and procedures consistent with principles of Islamic law.


As a blockchain-based platform, Global REIT refines the way people market, search for, buy, sell and invest in properties. Furthermore, it ensures full transparency and reduces costs.

Who are the Investors?

A crypto investor looking for stable dividends on a monthly basis and seeking to invest in real estate assets using cryptocurrencies

Real Estate Asset holders looking to exit into a liquid market in the crypto domain
REITs who would like to take advantage of an already established blockchain framework to enter a crypto domain

Advantages of investing in REITs

  • Proven and constant dividend
  • Transparency
  • Liquidity
  • Inflation & risk protection
  • Portfolio diversification (on the product, and geographically)
  • Competitive market performance
  • Experienced experts handling your investment
  • Seamless access to high ticket investments
  • Access to passive income a combination of commercial real estate, technology, blockchain and public traded stable token
  • Stress & hassle-free (no need to deal with maintenance, tenants, legalities, etc)
  • No additional expenses
  • Easy access to credit without the need for a mortgage and/or loans

The Digital Asset Investment Platform

Global Reit